Victoria G.

Tour Guide at St. John's University

Class of 2023

Hometown: Syosset, NY

Major: Adolescence Education

Concentration: Spanish

Minor: Italian

Why did you choose SJU?

I chose SJU because of the opportunities and experiences I will receive and participate in as a part of my major, and the feeling of being a part of a family.

What's your favorite memory as a Johnny?

My favorite memory as a Johnny was my first basketball game with all of my friends and suitemates. We all wore our St. John’s gear and cheered for our team and favorite players as we watched them win.

What makes SJU different?

SJU has a strong school spirit. Our students have so much school pride, and it is shown through attendance of events and games, as well as the strong support shown at the games.

How have you changed since becoming a Johnny?

Since becoming a Johnny, I have become much more confident and happy. I have overcome quite a few obstacles settling in and being in my classes, and it has made me believe that I can overcome anything.

I'm passionate about...

Baking Dance Language Learning

I'm involved with...

Italian Cultural Society Student Ambassadors Motion Dance Company Honors Program
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