Michael M.

Team Member at St. John's University

Class of 2020

Hometown: Danbury, CT

Major: Finance

What's your favorite memory as a Johnny?

My favorite memory as a Johnny was the time I sat courtside at MSG and watched St. John's beat Seton Hall in men's basketball. The basketball games are always a great time for me and my friends and really allow the school community to come together.

Why did you choose SJU?

I chose SJU because of its location, distance from home and academics. The campus is only located a short train ride from my favorite and the greatest city in the world, NYC. The distance is perfect from not only the city but from my hometown as well as I am not too far from my family but am far enough to be independent. Lastly, the academics and business program were attractive to me and my desires when I was searching for a school to support my interest in Finance.

What makes SJU different?

SJU is different based on its diversity and the willingness of all the professors. I truly believe that SJU is one of the most diverse school in the country which has opened my eyes to all of the different cultures in the world. Although I have only fully completed one semester, I have realized that the professor here really provide students with the ability to succeed. Every professor I've had has been clear in their expectations and have always been open to helping me whenever I needed it, which has lead me to be successful.

How have you changed since becoming a Johnny?

Since becoming a Johnny, I learned how important time management is. If you don't schedule your time correctly, things can start to pile up and in turn make you incredibly stressed. From taking courses, participating in extra circular activists and having time to myself, I’ve learned the distinct different between high school and college. I can definitely say I have much bettered my skills when it comes to dividing my time wisely.

I'm passionate about...

Sports Financial Planning Helping Others Listening to Music

I'm involved with...

Economics and Finance Society Student Ambassador Program Intramural Sports
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