Christopher V.

Tour Guide at St. John's University

Class of 2020

Hometown: Bergenfield, NJ

Major: Physics

Minor: Spanish, Computer Science

Why did you choose SJU?

I chose St. John's University because I wanted to attend a university that would give me an unforgettable college experience. St. John's University appealed to me as a diverse, academic community that takes care of its students in every way possible. I noticed how St. John's University offered so many opportunities for the students, and I felt so happy to be walking on campus. From a diverse community of students to exceptional academic opportunities, I immediately felt at home at this institution.

How have you changed since becoming a Johnny?

Ever since I became a Johnny, I grew as a leader and student. Before I came to St. John's, I was always a shy and timid person, and I was always intimidated to step out of my comfort zone. However, St. John's as encouraged me to take things into my own hands and to make a difference in the world. I've become a more outgoing, selfless person, and I am eternally grateful for the experience St. John's has given me.

What's your favorite memory as a Johnny?

My favorite memory as a Johnny is meeting some of my closest friends during my first semester at the university. My friends and I received a $5 deal for a $15 Shake Shack gift card, a 2-Trip metro-card, and a ticket to the wax museum in midtown.I made unforgettable memories with my friends, and I never would have met them if I never attended this amazing institution.

What makes SJU different?

St. John's University's diversity, mission, and opportunities truly make it one-of-a-kind. The location of the school is in New York City, practically the world's capital. With over 8 million residents in the city, St. John's is a perfect reflection of the diversity of the modern world, and its location offers students access to the best internships in metropolitan New York. St. John's mission as a Catholic and Vincentian University makes it 1 of 3 Vincentian Universities in the nation, and combined with unlimited opportunities, it is truly a university that cannot be replicated anywhere else.

I'm passionate about...

Mario Kart Nintendo Watching Youtube Videos Watching stand-up comedy Exploring NYC Going Out to Eat Going Out with Friends Dogs

I'm involved with...

Society of Physics Students Alpha Phi Omega Service Faternity S-STEM Scholars Program Student Ambassador Program V.I.T.A.L.
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