Cammi R.

Team Member at St. John's University

Class of 2019

Hometown: Chandler, AZ

Major: Adolescent Education

Concentration: Mathematics

How have you changed since becoming a Johnny?

Since becoming a Johnny I have had so many opportunities. With these opportunities came with a lot of new experiences which have given me a lot of chances to grow. At my first Student Government meeting I was soo nervous for my 30 second intro, now I speak up at the meetings with ease not to mention giving tours to large groups of strangers and so on.

What's your favorite memory as a Johnny?

Recently one of my mathematics professors approached me and told me he saw potential in me and, as he knew I am an education major, he wanted to do everything he could to ensure I was the best teacher I could be. It means so much that I have a professor (and he's not the only one) that truly cares about me and my education.

What makes SJU different?

Coming to St. John's has definitely broadened my mind. At St. John's you are exposed to a wide variety of people and, with them, new perspectives, ideas, and backgrounds. Couple that with the access to the city and all the diversity that comes along with it and you have the makings of a truly open mind.

Why did you choose SJU?

I chose SJU because it gave me the opportunities I wanted and also gave me the chance to live somewhere completely different than where I grew up.

I'm passionate about...

Mathematics Education

I'm involved with...

Math Club Student Government Inc.
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