Samantha D.

Tour Guide at St. John's University

Class of 2023

Hometown: Franklin Square , NY

Major: Education

Concentration: Psychology

What makes SJU different?

Our school is one of the most diverse schools in the nation. This campus has amazing abroad opportunities, sending 40% of its students abroad almost every year. This campus also is unique due to its location, proximal to the city.

What's your favorite memory as a Johnny?

My favorite memory at St.Johns so far is Tip-Off. The whole school comes together to celebrate the new basketball season. There is a famous live performer, who is an alumni of St.Johns as well as an arena filled with johnny spirit!!!

Why did you choose SJU?

I knew I wanted to become a Johnny as soon as I set foot on the campus. My tour guide showed me all the amazing opportunities this university has to offer. I felt at home, and knew I couldn't turn this amazing opportunity down.

How have you changed since becoming a Johnny?

I have changed in many ways since joining the St.Johns family. I became more involved in the university, attending sports games and campus wide events. I will experience my first trip abroad with the university in May, to our Rome campus. I am involved in the student ambassador program, and I became more adventurous due to our proximity near the city.

I'm passionate about...

Gym The Beach Traveling Dance

I'm involved with...

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