Kalina D.

Tour Guide at St. John's University

Class of 2021

Hometown: Bridgewater, NJ

Major: Advertisement

Concentration: Creative Track

Minor: Digital Media and Design

What makes SJU different?

SJU is different in which it is Catholic, Vincentian, Metropolitan, and Global. St. John's hosts their campus in Rome and Paris and provide study abroad options whether it is the Discover the World program and or the Global Passport Program in which freshmen or transfer students can go to Rome, Paris, or Limerick for just $500. As for all students who reside on campus, we have free laundry as well as non-communal bathrooms. SJU is about a 45 minute trip to the Big Apple! Alongside having 17 Division I NCAA athletics, we host our mens and womens basketball games in Carnesecca Arena and Madison Square Garden. With over 181,150 alumni, there is no limit for opportunity! Moreover, all of our public safety members are retired NYPD and NYFD. They are in charge of ensuring our safety and wellbeing as we live and pursue our university careers. As for our catholic and vincentian mission, we like to think of it as big "C" and little "c". Big C means that we are catholic and follow traditions of the church throughout the school. However, little c is universal in order to take in any religion and not force SJU students to move towards one path. St. John's is a great choice for students who want a great education, a great experience, and a great career and life for the future!

What's your favorite memory as a Johnny?

My favorite memory as a Johnny is going to Tip Off. It is a FREE school wide event in which all of the students of SJU go to an alumni game at Carnesecca Arena in order to start off the season for basketball. Each year we have a new performer who holds a mini concert. We've had Desiigner, Dave East, and J Cole perform in the past. There are giveaways and it is a great time where we all come together and cheer on Red Storm! Go Johnnies!

How have you changed since becoming a Johnny?

St. John's has pulled me out of my comfort zone. College really isn't High School, but you don't truly believe that until you've been fully submersed in the college lifestyle. Before the transition, I was shy, lacked courage, and needed reinforcements in my leadership skills. Now, I've put myself out there. I am a captain of an intramural volleyball team, I go to sporting events and cheer on New York City's Team, Red Storm. College is a time to reinvent yourself and become the best version of yourself. I have become kinder, more time efficient, and learned to be a better person. Without St. John's help in being a safe and caring environment, I don't know if I would be as outgoing as I am now. With events, opportunities and clubs, there is no reason to not go after your passions and interests. So thank you, SJU, being a Johnny is the best thing to ever happen to me!

Why did you choose SJU?

I chose SJU, because it is a second home to me. My mom and my sister both went here and this is where the legacy truly began. St John's provides so many opportunities and helps students achieve their dreams. We have a 94.3% placement rate for jobs with a degree from SJU. St. John's is one of the most diverse colleges in the country and although we are a catholic school, we are universal and support everyone. The networking opportunities available at SJU are unlimited; there is help everywhere. As well as great academics and internship opportunities, St. John's is home to 17 Division I NCAA sports. This was important to me, because I love watching and participating in athletics and this allows me to go to many sporting events and make new friends with similar interests. Events such as Tip Off and Winter/Spring carnival make coming together as a community evermore real. I couldn't wait to become a Johnny!

I'm passionate about...

Sports Listening to Music Hanging with Friends Art Singing

I'm involved with...

The Torch Redzone Student Ambassador Program Photography Intramural Volleyball
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